Cadet Weapon Kit Combat Flashlight Tactical Kits Includes Mount and Pressure Switch

Cadet Weapon Kit Combat Flashlight Tactical Kits Includes Mount and Pressure Switch

Cadet 492 Lumen LED Combat Flashlight Weapon Kit Includes mount and pressure switch The Powertac Cadet Gen Ⅱ high-powered compact EDC light is the updated version of the original flagship PowerTac Cadet.

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Cadet 492 Lumen LED Combat Flashlight Weapon Kit Includes mount and pressure switch 
The Powertac Cadet Gen Ⅱ high-powered compact EDC light is the updated version of the original flagship PowerTac Cadet.  It features the latest CREE XM-L2 U2 LED.   The Cadet Gen II has a max output of 492 lumens; driven by RCR123 Li-Ion battery.  It includes 3 output levels and a strobe to meet all your application need requirements.  The user friendly functionality includes a push-button tailcap button to control ON/OFF and a side selector button to adjust the output levels.  


The Cadet Gen Ⅱ is in a league of its own.  It offers ease of use, longer runtime, and an overall more powerful and brighter EDC light than its predecessor.  It also allows for the option to weapon mount it by adding a low profile mount and cadet pressure switch for extreme tactical responsiveness. 
Whether EDC or weapon mounted, the Cadet Gen Ⅱ, brings a new favorable lighting option to any application need. 

· Utilizes a CREE XM-L2 U2 latest LED that enables it to produce an amazing ANSI 492 lumen (using RCR123 battery) at the brightest and strobe setting.

· 156 meters super long  beam throw with impressive flood light to illuminate close distance.

· One CR123A lithium battery ensures the user 108 hours of constant run time on the lowest setting. (Firefly mode)

· Compatible with 1 - CR123A (1400 mAh 3.0V) or RCR123 (700 mAh 3.7V) battery.

· Intelligently designed quick access interface for general illumination and strobe mode for tactical use and self defense.

· Unique digital circuit control technology to maximize battery life and smooth light output.

· Auto-memorization for all brightness levels.

· Machined from aircraft grade aluminum.

· Mil standard Type III tough and durable anodized finish

· High transparent double  side coated optical lens.

· Built in pocket clip.

· High quality holster to fit belts of various sizes.

· O-ring sealed to ensure IPX8 water proof standard.

· Custom optional weapon mount and professional grade remote pressure switch.Ideal for everyday use, versatile enough to clip on a baseball cap or mount on a tactical weapon.

1. LED type: CREE XM-L2 U2 LED.
2. Functions: 3 Illumination Levels and Strobe Mode.  

Mode /

Firefly (Time)

Medium (Time)

High (Time)

Strobe (Time)

CR123A (1400 mAh 3.0V)

1 lm (108 hrs)

149 lm (3.3 hrs)

361 lm (1.2 hrs)

361 lm (2.4 hrs)

RCR123 (700 mAh 3.7V)

1 lm (82 hrs)

149 lm (2.8 hrs)

492 lm (1 hr)

492 lm (2 hrs)

3. Battery: Use 1* CR123A or 1* RCR123A battery (4.2V).
4. Size: Length: 90.5 mm. Bezel diameter: 25.5 mm. Body diameter: 20.7 mm.
5. Weight: 52 g (without battery).
6. Accessories: 1 lanyard, 1 spare O-ring, 1 offset mount, 1 pressure switch.


· Battery installation is done by removing  the tail cap. The positive end of the battery will face the bulb. Tighten the unit till it’s completely closed, then push the switch in tail cap  to turn it on and off.

· To switch functions, turn the light ON, soft press the side button on head part, the light changes modes from current mode in the following order: Firefly  – Medium – High – Strobe and back to Firefly. The last setting used will be memorized before OFF.    

· When the light is ON, long press the side switch,the flashlight will be strobe,soft press,flashlight will back to the mode before strobe.

· Half press the tail switch,flashlight will be ON at the memorized mode,loosen switch,flashlight will be OFF.



· After long periods of use on the highest setting, the surface area may get hot. Please use caution when using the flashlight in a constant high brightness level. It is recommended to let the flashlight cool down to prevent any injury.

· High intensity light is harmful to human eyes. This product is not meant to be handled by children under the age of 18 without adult supervision.

· Use the highest quality batteries to insure maximum performance and safety. Consult with the manufacturer regarding any questions or concerns.

· PowerTac’s liability is voided if the light is not used in a proper manner or if modified.

· PowerTac reserves the right to change the design and/or specifications of all PowerTac products without prior notice.

· Please do not change batteries at dangerous locations such as gas stations. Batteries must only be changed or removed when light is off.

· Do not throw the flashlight into a fire as an explosion may occur.

DO NOT mix old and new batteries or different brands.  This could result in explosion.

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