PowerTac Manufacturing Professional Tactical Lights

- Jun 09, 2017 -

We are an American brand company PowerTac manufacturing professional tactical products, with many years of experience as an expert supplier for the US military and police, our products indeed, specially designed for military,law enforcement,search & rescue supplies, service technicians,and outdoor enthusiasts.
Some models as follows are more suitable for tactical use.
(1) Cadet series flashlight
For small long guns, such as MP5, Cadet will be a nice match which is quite small and powerful with around 500LM.
(2) E9R or E9 flashlight
These two models are our best sellers in U.S.A market. They are quite small and throw more than 1000LM. E9R is a new updated version of E9, with the rechargeable function.
(3) Warrior or Warrior R
Warrior or Warriro R, elder brother of model E9, is a little bigger and stronger with similar lumens.
(4) Warrior Reloaded
This is a special model for the police who want to charge the batteries without taking them out of the flashlight on the wall or in the car.
(5) X3000 or X10000
These two models are specially designed for Search & Rescue. They are very powerfully,X10000 with 10500LM and super-long 675 meters beam throws.
(6) Hero G3
Our new version of Hero G3 comes with type C port. Hero is a small version of X3000, which is much smaller and around 1000 lumens and can also work as power bank.

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