Led and flashlights

- May 25, 2017 -

LED strong light flashlight with high-power single "or more" light-emitting diode as a source of light, commonly used aluminum alloy as the body material, to 26650, 18650 and other rechargeable lithium batteries and Cr123, C, AA, AAA and other alkaline dry batteries to provide electricity, with efficient micro-computer chips or PCB connection, issued a super bright lighting tools!

Light Source: Brand Flashlight (Fenix Phoenix, Olight Oulette, Jetbeam Ceetemine, Jxsky Fire fire dance) and other manufacturers will use the original imported U.S. high-power Cree source, Cree Chip performance is stable, the conversion efficiency of light energy is high, and the quality of the domestic LED chip will be several times better than the ordinary, of course, the price is equivalent to the average more than 10 to hundreds of times times, at the same time with people to brighter visual pursuit, Cree company launched a higher brightness level led, from the beginning very popular 220 lumens Q5 to the universal use of 410 lumens R5, partially used to reach 800-1000 lumens Cree Xm T6 U2. Low-end brand flashlight in general use of domestic led, but also some of the use of Cree series light source, but most of the Shanghai Factory Foundry, performance or did not reach the United States Origin Cree

Light Cup aspect: according to the use demand, commonly uses two kinds of light cups, the smooth metal reflector cup, the light is very concentrated, can reflect the more perfect spot through the light Cup, suitable for the long-distance illumination, uses the environment to have the hunting, the exploration,; the orange peel Pattern Metal reflective cup omni-luminous effect is good, passes over diffuse reflection, the illumination scope is broad and clear, uses in the close range illumination.

Barrel Material: Cylinder body more common aluminum alloy, in addition to stainless steel, titanium alloy. Stainless steel bias, titanium alloy price expensive, aluminum alloy is relatively moderate, generally used.

Different aluminum performance between different, will also cause a great price gap, brand flashlight more use of the highest level of aviation-grade aluminum alloy T7075, T6061, this material super corrosion-resistant, impact-resistant, and easy to precision processing, has this material to make a flashlight, the appearance is very delicate, deep thread clear, sealing performance is very good, feel very good, is the best aluminum, but the price is a little expensive! Barrel processing technology, aluminum alloy surface regulation oxidation directly affect the flashlight price.

Battery selection: Battery opponent's brightness and life time has a great impact, lithium battery can be used repeatedly, and has a higher capacity characteristics, with a longer overall endurance, and a large degree of cost savings, but it is not easy to buy, a short life time, dry battery can better play high-power led efficiency, high stability, and the single use of a long time, and easy to buy, but need to constantly replace the battery, the cost has increased, foreign people generally like dry batteries, Domestic friends mostly choose lithium batteries.

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